PermaLink Astaro Security Gateway will be known as Sophos UTM 9. Release that is targeted for July 15th06/27/2012 11:16 PM is now

17 juni 2012. Sophos UTM 9 Public Beta Begins:
The next major version of Astaro Security Gateway will be known as Sophos UTM 9. You are invited to participate in our just-released public Beta of this version to test and provide feedback which we will use to shape and polish the product as we move towards GA. The public Beta for UTM 9 is scheduled to run until late June, in preparation for a release that is targeted for July 15th 2012.
Many exciting new features have been added; we have extended onto the desktop with Endpoint Protection,
Wireless Protection has a new captive portal system which is perfect for hotels & coffee shops, and a jaw-dropping HTML5 VPN Portal for true clientless access makes its debut as well.
Full details on the UTM 9 Public Beta, (along with download links and license keys) can be found here in our community forums.

A brief overview of some notable things you might be waiting for can be viewed by reading on.

Sophos UTM 9 At A Glance:
  • Major New Features
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Wireless Captive Portals
  • HTML5 VPN Portal
  • Sophos Anti-Virus Engine
  • New WebAdmin GUI Look
Minor New Features:
  • Apple iOS Support for WebAdmin
  • YouTube for Schools
  • 1:1 NAT Rules
  • New Appliance LCD Functions
  • HA/Clustering Cold-Standby During Up2Date
  • Constant Live-Log Button
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • New Listbox Functionality
  • Network Definition Ranges
  • Download and Distribution of User VPN Configurations
  • Multiple Objects in Firewall Rules
There are many more new things for you to see and test (over 100 in fact), and I invite you to create and vote for features at our  feature request site, your idea could change the product and benefit others! On behalf of myself, the Network Security Group, and all of Sophos, enjoy the Beta of UTM 9 and be sure to share your results in our forums.

2012-03-03 23:06 by Angelo Comazzetto

Some Random Thoughts On The Security Market. May 10, 2011:
The intention by UK-headquartered company Sophos to acquire Astaro, the privately-held security company co-headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany and Wilmington, Massachusetts (USA) is simply the last effect of the process of vendor consolidation acting in the information security market. It is also the trigger for some random thoughts…

In the last two years a profound transformation of the market is in place, which has seen the birth (and subsequent growth) of several giants security vendors, which has been capable of gathering under their protective wings the different areas of information security.

The security model is rapidly converging toward a framework which tends to collect under a unified management function, the different domains of information security, which according to my personal end-to-end model, mat be summarized as follows: Endpoint Security, Network Security, Application Security, Identity & Access Management.

All the major players are moving quickly toward such a unified model, starting from their traditional battlefield: some vendors, such as McAfee and Symantec, initiallty moved from the endpoint domain which is their traditional strong point. Other vendors, such as Checkpoint, Fortinet, Cisco and Juniper moved from the network filling directly with their technology, or also by mean of dedicated acquisitions or tailored strategic alliances, all the domains of the model. A further third category is composed by the “generalist” vendors which were not initially focused on Information Security, but became focused by mean of specific acquisition. This is the case of HP, IBM and Microsoft (in rigorous alphabetical order) which come from a different technological culture but are trying to become key players by mean of strategic acquisitions.

In this scenario should be viewed the acquisition of Astaro by Sophos: from a strategical perspective Sophos resides permanently among the leaders inside the Gartner Magic quadrant but two of three companions (Symantec and Mcafee, the third is Trend Micro) are rapidly expanding toward the other domains (meanwhile McAfee has been acquired by Intel). In any case all the competitors have a significant major size if compared with Sophos, which reflects in revenues, which in FY 2010 were respectively 6.05, 2.06 and 1.04 B$, pretty much bigger than Sophos, whose revenues in FY 2010 were approximately 260 M$, about one fourth of the smaller between the three above (Trend Micro which is, like Sophos, a privately-owned company).


Image:Badkey Corner - Astaro Security Gateway will be known as Sophos UTM 9. Release that is targeted for July 15th

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